Levelfield Customer Comment Module Documentation

What is the Levelfield Customer Comment Module?

The Levelfield Customer Comment module allows you to feature approved customer comments on your Levelfield site. For the customer, it means they can come to your site and submit a comment and after you approve it then it will appear on the site. For you, this can serve as one more way to communicate and interact with your customers. They can submit a comment and after you approve it you can put it on the site, showing them your appreciation. This new feature will be a part of our Levelfield content boxes and can also appear on a stand-alone page as well. You will have the flexibility to decide exactly where you want your comment box featured on the site.

How does the Levelfield Customer Comment module work?

The comment module will be available for use on any page within your site. The Comment Form chunk displays a form that people can fill out with comments. When a comment is submitted, an email is sent to the account admin with a link that lets them approve the comment. If they click the link, then the comment is approved and added to an RSS feed. The Commend Feed chunk displays the special RSS feed. It will show customer comments with the newest at the top. When the feature is activated, two new pages are created in your site with these chunks already setup, just to make it easier. These pages can be edited, and they will have to be released to be seen by the public. There is nothing special about these pages, since you can add the new Comment chunks to any page - these two pages are just pre-built to make it easier for you. Once you have received comments, there will be a new submenu under the Account menu called Forms. Here you will be able to search your comments, and approve or un-approve them at any time.

How much does the Levelfield Customer Comment Module cost?

This is only available to those who have the Levelfield. Broadcast Option. If you have this, let us know and we can enable it today. If you do not want to mess with setting it up on your site and linking it up, you can have us do it for you for only $10. If you do not have the Levelfield Brodcast Option and are interested in finding out more information about it, please call us at 866-489-4889.

Whats does the Levelfield Customer Comment Module look like?

Here is an example of what the customer comments box looks like:

This box will maintain the look and feel of your site so the colors are subject to change. Once the comment gets submitted, you will need to respond to the email that gets sent to your admin email address. This will approve the comment. There is also a submenu in your ACCOUNT section for forms. This is where you can search and approve comments as well. You will HAVE to approve through the email that gets sent to you, however, in order for the posts to show up on the site.

Once you have approved this, it will be posted on the Comment Feed section. This will either be on a separate page or in a content box that you have setup. After the approval has been made, the place you have designated for the comment feed will show the comment.

Once you have everything setup and you are ready for the public to see your new pages, you will need to release them. Also, you will need to link your pages up to your homepage (preferably) so that people can click on the link and either submit or view the comments. If you have this setup on pages that are already linked up, then you do not have to worry about it, however if you have created two new pages or used the ones generated for you, then you will need to go to the place where you want the customer to find the link and link it up. You can get the link to these pages by clicking on the "link reference" link in your "pages of content". This will give you the URL for the page if you need to add it to a body section. If you are adding it to a link box, you can simply search for the title in the "your pages" search option for the URL.




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