NextLevel’s Indepenent Agent Partner Program

If you are a travel agent or want to become one you can earn money by working with NextLevel Vacations

1. NextLevel’s Travel Agent Partner Program - Commission

As a Travel Agent Partner with NextLevel Vacations, you can earn up to 15% commission on sales. All reservations must be made through NextLevel Vacations and you must price according to the NLV pricing plan. All of your sales will become lead generators for additional sales such as tours and excursions, airfares and other transportation cost. You will be able to keep 100% of this additional revenue in the first year and move to 80% revenue sharing in the second year. is one of the new innovative ways to take unlimited vacations. Through our extensive network of resort hotels, vacation packages and value-added service providers, NextLevel Vacations’ Independent Agent Program is able to offer you the following benefits:

- Attractive profits through selling travel

- Unlimited vacation inventory available

- Easy integration; the NextLevel Independent Agent Program is simple and easy for you to implement

- Joining the NextLevel Independent Agent Program is free!

It's quick, easy, and profitable to become a part of NextLevel Vacations’ Independent Agent Program just click on the Join button below.

Sign-up with NextLevelVacations Independent Agent Program and you can quickly earn money from sales made by your direct selling and booking through NextLevel Vacations. It's your business. We'll help you build it.

Services to be Performed

 Independent Agent agrees to provide the following services:
1. IC will develop new business and product placement opportunities in strategic distribution channels and outlets such as;
  •  Direct to consumer sales
  •  Group sales
  •  Event Planners and Producers
  •  Company incentive/reward/recognition programs
  •  Group loyalty programs
  •  Charity fundraisers
  •  Other creative sales approaches (must be agreed to by NLV) 
2. Administrative services associated with fulfilling vacations sold as a result of the contractor’s efforts. This includes but is not limited to;
  •  Initial vacation education and screening for the guests
  •  Submitting availability request to vacation provider
  •  Submitting reservation request to vacation provider
  •  Completing and sending a confirmation letter to guests
  •  Providing associated service such as flight reservations and transportation services

Personal Vacation Weeks Benefit

Independent Agent will get unlimited vacations anywhere within the NLV network of resorts at a cost of $399 per week for Studio/1 BR accommodations and $499 per week for 2 BR accommodations. This does not apply to all-inclusive vacation destinations. IA will need to pay the all-inclusive fees, if that option is chosen. IA is expected to sell at least one vacation per quarter or 4 per year to have access to this benefit. Personal vacations are non-transferrable.
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