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Consignment Vacations for Fundraising Auctions

According to the National Auctioneers Association, roughly 200,000 - 300,000 fundraising auctions are held each year.  Competition for donated items is fierce amongst organizations that are holding fundraising auction events.  Between the competition for donated items and the impact of the economic recession on soliciting donations, there has been a surge in the number of nonprofits utilizing consignment companies and auction item providers.    

Fundraising and Development personnel at nonprofit organizations and schools are looking for no-risk auction item providers on the web. We're glad you've found us because we can help. 

NextLevel Vacations would love the opportunity to help you raise money for your organization via fundraising auctions. We provide vacation packages on consignment at no cost to you.

Building better communities is an important objective at NextLevel Vacations. NextLevel makes it safe and easy for nonprofits to benefit by including NextLevel vacation packages in their fundraising auctions. Register for free and give new prospects and active supporters alike a fun way to support your mission. NextLevel provides a new way to invigorate your fundraising efforts and provides hundreds and perhaps even thousands of current and potential supporters a new way to support your organization and fulfill their vacation needs at the same time. Just about everybody wants to and plans to take a vacation. It’s just that simple. This is a win-win for all involved.

We also take our responsibility to the community and the world very seriously.  We currently donate to the Boys & Girls Clubs and Big Brothers Big Sisters. We strongly believe that as God blesses us - so should we then give back to Him by helping others in need.  



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We help you raise funds by providing vacation weeks for charity auctions on consignment.

Nonprofits sign up and register for the nonprofit auction program with NextLevel Vacations.  NextLevel makes available to charities a number of full week vacation products at deeply discounted prices for inclusion in their fundraising auctions. This price, or administrative reserve, helps NextLevel pay the cost of acquiring these vacation weeks to make available to interested charities.

NextLevel Vacations Non-Profit Auction Program       

The Nonprofit and NextLevel agree on the target fundraising auction, the value of the auction item and the administrative reserve to be paid to NextLevel Vacations when the auction item sells. All sale proceeds above the reserve will go to the nonprofit. If the auction item does not sell there is no payment to NextLevel and no contribution to the nonprofit.

Auction items are provided at no risk, no liability and no up-front cost to the charity. In exchange, NextLevel Vacations is provided sponsorship recognition in the auction event. The charity pays NextLevel Vacations an administrative reserve if and only if the auction item(s) sells. The charity collects the auction proceeds from the winning bidder along with their contact information and then pays NextLevel.  NextLevel then works with the bid winner from that point forward to fulfill the vacation promise. The participating Charity can choose any one or all of the options for inclusion in their auction. They can also sell as many vacations as they can at the final bid price by offering the final bid price to the other bidders. The charity keeps all proceeds generated above the administrative reserve price. The choice of presentation is up to the Charity.

Nonprofits reserve the right to cancel the agreement at any time prior to the auction.

If the item sells, the nonprofit gets paid by the buyer and then pays NextLevel.  NextLevel Vacations becomes responsible for fulfilling the vacation package once the proceeds have been received from the nonprofit. The non-profit has no liability.

Please contact us today.  We can be reached at 866-513-8132 or 513-573-9012.  You can also reach us via email at

Group Loyalty Programs


NextLevel will work with associations, social networks both on line and off line, and all type of groups to provide their membership with access to discounted vacations. This will be a benefit to any of their membership that chooses to vacation with NextLevel Vacations. Members can register on NextLevel's web site and NextLevel will be listed on the organization's web site to provide access to vacation information and to make requests.

*PLEASE NOTE: The group loyalty agreement is structured with each organization individually in such a way as to meet the specific needs and interest of the group partnering with NextLevel Vacations. DOES NOT apply to Air bookings.

Questions? e-mail us at

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