• Traveling with the Family

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    Today family vacations and reunions are the fastest growing area of travel.  Years ago Las Vegas prepared for the family vacaton by adding family friendly hotels, attractions and activities.  However, family vacationing doesn't end there.  Now, you can take the family to all inclusive beach resorts, family cruises, European adventures and many other venues that will include the kids in the trip and still provide opportunities for mom and dad to relax.

    The U.S. Tour Operator Association  has created "10 commandments" list for parents to enhance traveling with children.  Let's review the first three.

    1. Keep expectations realistic.  Bringing children anywhere changes the experience. If you are taking the kids to that favorite spot from your "pre-kid" days, know that it won't be the same.  As you see the monuments in Washington D.C. or go up the elevator at the Eiffel Tower keep in mind that long waits and large crowds can be a disaster with children.  Pick less crowded times and keep in mind that a few fun anecdotes make the site more interesting. Kids can get cranky waiting in long lines even at Disney World.

    2.Select the destination wisely.  Find a place that will interest everyone. Get books and videos of the destination.  Remember that famous a cookie shop, a chance to run in the park and play on the equipment are often more meaningful than than another battlefield or another spectacular Gothic Cathedral.  One family reported that a trip up the California Coast had many spectacular moments, Hearst Castle, the Aguarium in Monterey and various missions everyone had studied.  The most memorable day however, was an afternoon on the Big Sur River with a rope, a tire swing and a bunch of other kids.

    3.  Keep the kids involved. When planning the next days activities or the location for the evening dinner. Take a poll of what everyone wants to do. Young children and teens all have specific ideas of what is fun and when enough is enough. It's not unusual for teens to ask for pizza delivery and tv one night in the hotel instead of one more restaurant and best behavior.

     We'll look at the next three tips next time. Post your best tips for traveling with the family!

  • Frank''s Travel Tip for May

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    It’s time again for another edition of Frank’s Monthly Travel Tips!

    Some of this month’s great tips are brought to you courtesy of Gary Whitener, who is the winner of a $100 Travel Gift Certificate, and possibly drinks at the Club, for getting his ideas posted. Congratulations Gary!

    1. Never pack your medications in your checked baggage.

    2. Make a business size card with the names of your medications and how often you take them. On the other side, put your doctor''s names and phone numbers and carry it with you.

    3. Carry two credit cards when you travel , an American Express Card and another of your choice, write the emergency 800-numbers from the back of the cards on a separate piece of paper and carry it with you in the event your cards are lost or stolen.

    If you have any travel tips or tricks that you would like to share, please send them to me at info@amttravel.com. If I post it in my monthly email, I''ll send you a coupon for $100 off your next cruise or tour of 7 days or more.
    If you have any questions about your next vacation, please give one of our vacation specialists a call at 800-999-2599. We will be glad to answer your questions.

  • Frank''s Travel Tip for March

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    There are so many things to be aware of when you travel these days. I thought that I would take some of the tips and ideas that come accross my desk and give them to you.

    Tip #1
    Fill out page 7 of your passport.
    Page seven is the emergency contact page of your passport. If your passport is lost or stolen, the number on that page is the one way you might get it back.

    Tip #2
    Have a collection of used key cards from hotels and cruises you don''t know what to do with? Punch a hole in them, tie a ribbon on them and you have yourself an instant Christmas Tree ornament.

    If you have any travel tips or tricks that you would like to share, please send them to me at info@amttravel.com. If I post it in my montly email, I''ll send you a coupon for $50 off your next cruise or tour of 7 days or more. If you have any questions about your next vacation, please give one of our vacation specialists a call at 800-999-2599. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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    Places to Go and People to See with Travel Agent Veronica Sgro
    DUTCH DREAMS RIVER CRUISE with Uniworld Grand River Cruises
    If you haven’t yet been to the Netherlands, you might want to put it on your list of places to visit. This was one of the best trips to Europe and on this particular travel adventure I booked a river cruise with Uniworld Grand River Cruises during tulip time.
    We board the Grand River Ambassador for our 7 night cruise and began our itinerary in Amsterdam home of the renowned Rijksmuseum with the largest collection of Dutch art in the world. Canals lined with-lined streets, Dam Square, the famed Dampkring Coffee House (featured in the movie Oceans 12) and the Royal Palace. Departing early the next morning we cruise to Volendam known best for being a trading center since the 17th century.  Tonight is the Captains Dinner and the opportunity to meet the River Ambassador’s staff. 
    Our next port of call is Kampen where a cruise on an open canal boat in the tiny village of Giethoorn has been arranged. . In Giethoorn the only two times a person will use their front door is on the day they marry and on the day of their death – it’s tradition. 
    Next day and next stop is Nijmegen, one of the oldest cities in the Netherland dating back to Roman times. Tonight we are entertained by local dancers dancing in traditional clothes complete with wooden clogs. Wooden clogs are still being worn by the farmers of Holland to this day. Also on board this evening is a local cheese farmer selling Gouda cheese.
    Early the next morning we are headed down river towards Schoonhoven and then to Kinderdijk, most known for its beautiful Windmills. 19 Windmills have been well preserved and one is open to the public for viewing.
    In the evening, the ship will dock in Rotterdam. Saving the best for last, a visit to the Keukenhof Gardens. We enjoyed a full day in on of the most impressive gardens in the world. Keukenhof Gardens are only open 9 weeks out of the year from April – May with over 7 million tulip bulbs planted on over 70 acres. You can order a varity of “out of the ordinary” tulip bulbs that will be shipped to you in early fall just in time to plant in your garden for the most beautiful spring bloom.
    Travel to Europe is becoming increasingly costly. But if you want great value for your money – River Cruising is the way to go. Total cost includes:
    ·        7 night cruise in an outside stateroom. Refurbished in 2006 and lavishly appointed.
    ·        Classical European cuisine – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Complementary wine with each dinner
    ·        6 Shore excursions with English speaking guides and a portable audio headset
    ·        Experienced Cruise Manger. Rik was on this sailing and did an outstanding job
    ·        Very attentive English speaking crew. My personal favorites were wait staff members Robert Szollosi and Stefan Crista. Excellent job!
    So, get out there, see the World and make your next vacation a River Cruise Vacation with AMT American Express Travel