About NextLevel Vacations

NextLevel Vacations was established to provide high value affordable vacations for today’s travelers who want to see the world. We're in the wholesale vacation business. We offer a unique range of product offerings from resort hotel rooms and Condos to 6 bedroom private villas. We expect to help our clients learn to travel wholesale rather than retail creating unprecedented value to the traveling public. Through our partnership with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club (LHVC) in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic we have contractual access to an UNLIMITED amount of vacation weeks worldwide.

NextLevel Vacations offers luxury and high value vacations to consumers, businesses and non-profits for fund raising. With an unlimited amount of vacation inventory, the company also has the opportunity to offer employee incentive programs. Incentive programs based on travel have proven to be more effective than many other incentive programs. Providing vacations to non-profit organizations for charitable auctions also gives us a way to continue to give back and help build better communities.

We realize that a great vacation is not about booking airline tickets and making hotel reservations for the weekend, but rather about creating cherished, unforgettable lifetime memories. Let us help you take your travel and leisure to the NextLevel.

                     GO THERE!    GET THERE!    BE THERE!

NextLevel Vacations

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