Lanai "The Pineapple Island"

"Hawaii's Most Enticing Island." Formerly known as the "Pineapple Island," almost the entire island was, until recently, a Dole Company pineapple plantation but is now phasing in tourism, and is home to two world class resorts.

Lanai offers many things to do and see. Go for a swim at picturesque Hulopoe Beach. Snorkel the island's cliff-lined west coast. Explore the Garden of the Gods, an intriguing rock formation reminiscent of a lunar landscape. Hunt for treasures or examine historic petroglyphs at Shipwreck Beach. Admire local artwork at the Lanai Arts & Culture Center, a prominent showcase for community arts. You can even "lock and load" at Lanai Pine Sporting Clays, the only resort sporting clays course in the state.

(picture above) Standing 80 feet tall, Puu Pehe-also known as "Sweetheart Rock"-is one of Lanai's most recognizable landmarks. It is also the setting for one of Hawaii's most enduring legends.

The story goes that a ravishing young princess from Maui, was captured by a young warrior from Lanai. He took her as his wife and brought her back to his home island. He was so stricken with her beauty that he was afraid to let other men see her, and thus he confined the princess to a sea cave near the rock.

One day, as the warrior was away, the weather suddenly changed drastically, and the raging surf began to pound this side of the island. The warrior rushed back to the cave, but it was too late: His beloved Puu Pehe had drowned. Heartbroken, he retrieved her body and, with the help of the gods, climbed the steep rock island, where he buried her in a tomb. Overcome with grief, the warrior then leapt off the rock to his death.

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