British Airways Terminal 5
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Hot Tips – Several staff from our affiliate office just visited the new British Airways Terminal 5 (T5) at Heathrow Airport in London. Read the reviews!

On March 27, 2008, London Heathrow Terminal 5 will welcome the first British Airways passengers through its doors. It's the culmination of an amazing project that began with one thought – to make connecting the world simple and pleasurable again. The result is a seamless and upgraded airport experience unlike any other in the world, and one that's exclusively for British Airways passengers.

Here are a few of the Terminal 5 features:
• The £4.3 billion building is so light, modern and spacious that it's hard to believe it's an airport terminal at all
• Terminal 5 offers seamless check-in, with 96 Check-in Kiosks designed to eliminate queuing
• The floor to ceiling windows give outstanding views of the runways, aircraft, countryside and even Windsor Castle and Wembley Stadium
• There will be huge improvements in punctuality and baggage now that we've brought nearly all British Airways flights together in one terminal
• The state-of-the-art baggage system has been designed specifically for Terminal 5 using proven technology already in use at a number of global airports
• We've got the largest, and possibly the most luxurious, airline lounge complex in the world, large enough to cater for 2,500 passengers
• Harrods, Coach and Prada as well as great British names such as Paul Smith, Ted Baker and Reiss are all opening stores at Terminal 5
The Lounges
If you're traveling FIRST, Club World or Club Europe or are a Gold or Silver Executive Club member you'll have access to Terminal 5's exclusive Galleries lounges, sleek contemporary interiors with a touch of uniquely British style.

Galleries Club Open to all passengers traveling in FIRST, Club World as well as Gold and Silver Executive Club members, the Galleries Club lounges at Terminal 5 offer a range of beautifully conceived luxury amenities throughout. These include:

The Chef's Theatre and Food Court with a view into the kitchen
The Terrace viewing area and bar
Two ‘Silver' Bars

There will be another, smaller Club Lounge at the northern end of the terminal, for Club Europe passengers and Gold and Silver Executive Club members traveling on the short haul and domestic networks as well as another 465-seat Club lounge in the Satellite building.
Galleries FIRST is only available to passengers traveling in FIRST and Gold Executive Club members. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you'll find your needs catered for with:

Champagne Bar, Gold Bar and Wine Gallery
Coffee House
The Refectory & Deli
Terrace viewing area and bar
Interactive work and entertainment zone with internet and 60% more PCs than today's lounges
News Zone with newspapers, magazines and TV news channels
Kids Zone designed by El Ultimo Grito
Shower suites

The Concorde Room A place for both, serious relaxation and serious business, the soothingly understated opulence and calm of the Concorde Room provides a genuinely exclusive environment for FIRST passengers and VIP guests only.

Intimate dining with elegantly designed booths, serving delicious gourmet meals all day
Cocktail Bar
Champagne Bar
Private dining area with intimate booth style seating
State of the art boardroom capable of seating 8 with fully supported flat screen for presentations and PCs
Three private cabanas - hotel-style rooms with a comfortable day bed, TV and ensuite bathroom so you can take a nap and freshen up before your flight
The Terrace - a relaxed viewing area where you can enjoy a drink and spectacular views

Galleries Arrivals If you're a passenger flying FIRST or Club World, or a Gold Executive Club member, you can look forward to an especially warm welcome when you touch down at Heathrow Terminal 5 in our Galleries Arrivals lounge.

Elemis Travel Spa Now you can get yourself truly soothed and pampered before your flight at our superb Elemis Travel Spa with:

Intensely relaxing massage chairs
Expert massages and a range of treatments
The Spa bar, offering products to keep you feeling great throughout your flight, including tailored prescriptions

Shopping at Terminal 5 is also sure to excite, with a range of luxury offerings including Harrods, Coach and Prada, to more high street names such as Ted Baker and Reiss. And when it comes to dining, there are restaurants for all budgets, from Giraffe and Carluccio's to Caviar House and Gordon Ramsay.

For more detailed information and to view an interactive map, visit:
British Airways Terminal 5
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Summer Travel Advisories
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Travel Tips
The summer of 2007 promises to be one of the busiest for the airlines and with that in mind we would like to pass along a few tips to help ensure a stress-free airport experience.

Allow more than enough time to check-in and walk to the gate. Some airports may require as much as 3 hours for passenger processing. Allow more time when checking in for international flights.

Whenever possible, check-in and obtain your boarding pass on-line.

Remember, federal law prohibits carrying sharp or other dangerous objects, whcih could be used as weapons, aboard the aircraft. Pack appropriately to avoid inconvenience at security checkpoints.

Each airline has its own minimum check-in times and times that you must be at the gate. These are posted on the airline's individual website.

Airlines overbook. This can result in a passenger being "bumped", especially if they do not have a seat assignment.

Check the Transportation Security Administration website for the most current carry-on restrictions.

Paris Blog
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Ten residents of Paris have banded together to create a new blog to give visitors their insiders guide to Paris. The can be accessed through their site at Visitors can check out a night-life lover, an American marketing goddess living in Paris and several others that give you a different slant on the City of Lights
Passport Backlog
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The U.S. State Departments Passport Services unit is experiencing a major backlog in processing applications. Rather than taking the usual four to six weeks, routine applications or renewals are now taking 10 weeks. Even the more expensive expedited service takes about three to four weeks. Additionally, because the service uses a centralized system, travelers cannot get their documents faster by submitting applications directly to a regional processing facility. At present, passports are not required for Western Hemisphere travel by land or sea.

Historically, January to March is Passport Services_ peak period for processing applications. Although the agency hired extra help, the anticipated surge due to Phase I of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative was far larger than expected. As of Jan. 23, 2007, every U.S. citizen must have a valid passport to fly between the United States and Mexico, Canada and other Western Hemisphere countries.

The National Passport Information Center ( lets applicants check on the status of their applications online. The Web site also provides telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to contact customer service representatives.

Sample Blog Title
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