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1) Put your name and telephone number of your destination on both the
outside and inside of your luggage. Then, in case you and your bag are
separated, they can catch up to you quickly.

2) Keep a photocopy of your passport data page separate from your
money and travelers' checks. Even if you lose your money and ID, you can
still prove your identity to the authorities. It's also good to take along
copies of your travelers' checks serial numbers, as well as your credit
card numbers so you can quickly alert the authorities in the event the
real items are stolen.

3) Always pack as little as possible. Take what you will need, not what you
think you will need. Keep in mind that suitcases are heavy and you may
have to carry your own.

4) Take a change of clothing and sample size toiletries in your carry-on
bag. You never know when an airline may lose you bag, and not having
to buy clothes immediately saves a little trouble while waiting on your

5) If you take prescription medicine, bring more than you expect to use and
include the refill prescription, just in case. If you wear glasses, pack an
extra pair- finding an optical shop could be tricky without your glasses.

6) Check your batteries in your cameras before your trip. While film is
readily available, it may be difficult to find exactly the right battery for your

7) Beware of other country's customs and laws. You don't want to be
caught spitting out your chewing gum in Singapore: it's a criminal offense.
(To be sure check out the State Department's Traveler Advisories).

8) Make sure you are protected against local illnesses. This is especially
important going away from the big cities and into some of the rural areas.
Drink only bottled water and use it even when brushing your teeth. Eat
only cooked food and avoid leftovers. Avoid areas where mosquitoes tend
to be active.

9) Be sure to leave your itinerary with friends or relatives. This way they
can contact you if there's an emergency back home and it's always good
for someone to know where you are.

10) Relax. Go with the flow. Things are going to be different in each new
place you visit . After all, isn't that the reason you are going on your vacation
in the first place?
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