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Welcome to Capri-Jet Corporate Travel! With one location in Brooklyn, a New Yorker success story. And we know that success is driven by you! We invite you to browse through our corporate travel agreement to learn more about our operations and opportunities. And we invite you to visit our convenient agency location to experience the highest quality service and standards when making your travel plans.

1. Capri Jet Corporate Travel location:

Capri Jet Corporate Travel Services 533 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11211

Our one and only location.We have been at the same location in Brooklyn for more than 35 years. Therefore expenses are less than New York's larger agencies;this means that you save money.

Personalized Service - We pride ourselves in this.Details to be explained later.
2.What travel consortium does CJCT belong to and how will it benefit you?

Capri Jet Corporate Travel is a member of (the world's largest travel consortium in the United States).

Benefits provided through our consortia include:
* Discount airline rates
* Discount hotel rates
* Discount car rental programs
* Bulk buying opportunities
* Block space at select hotels worldwide
* 24-hour emergency service worldwide
* Frequent hotel upgrade certificates
* Discount vacation packages
* Cruise Specials

3. Will you receive one or more dedicated agents?

Yes. Based on your annual air volume, your account will be assigned to one or several dedicated agents.The other agents will serve as a backup.

4. How will your ticket delivery system be structured?

Your preferred method of ticket delivery is an important choice.Capri Jet Corporate Travel looks forward to discussing your preferences and accommodating your needs.

Capri-Jet Corporate Travel will recommend one of the following options:

* Electronic Ticketing
* Weekly and daily messenger service
* Express Mail: Airborne, UPS, Federal Express
, etc.

5.Does Capri Jet Corporate Travel have a client services department and if so, will you have a dedicated representative?

Yes, Capri Jet Corporate Travel maintains a client services department and will provide your company with a dedicated representative.

6. What are some of the things Capri Jet Corporate Travel does to provide excellent client services?

In order to achieve the highest level of personalized attention, we have
established standards which ensure consistent quality service and enable us to avoid the "it fell through the cracks" syndrome.

Standard Procedures Include:

* Start up meeting to review traveler profiles, travel policy and corporate culture
* Orientation seminars for your travelers and travel planners
* Constant review of cost containment opportunities
* Interaction with on-staff and scheduled meetings and telephone calls
* Constant assistance with vendor negotiations
* Review and analysis and management reports
* Research assistance with any difficulties travel planners and/or travelers may experience
* Ensure your VIP travelers are receiving special attention
* Our Accounting Program can customize any type of financial report

7. What type of quality control mechanism does Capri Jet Corporate Travel have in place to ensure the highest service levels are always provided?

* We recently installed one of the best airline reservation systems
* Each booking is given the utmost personal attention to be sure that your company is getting the best price
* We don't rest until you are satisfied, and that is a promise!

8.Description of Capri Jet Corporate Travel program for your VIP's:

* One class service upgrade whenever possible
* Airport club cards whenever possible
* Maximum efforts, in conjunction with senior CJCT Management to obtain seat confirmation on sold out flight, obtain specific seat assignment and accommodate other special request

9. What are Capri Jet Corporate Travel's normal business hours and does Capri Jet have a worldwide emergency service?

Our offices are open for business normally from 10:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm.

Our emergency number is printed directly on each itinerary.


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