My name is Maria Mangas Nunez and I am the Owner and Manager of The Travel Depot, Inc. The Travel Depot has been in business since 1981. Both Maritza Silverio and I not only studied Tourism and Travel Management in FIU together, but we started in this business at the same time, back in 1977. These past decades have been instrumental in the travel industry. When we started, only the airlines had computers. Agents had to rely on the OAG, which was an airline schedule that looked like a phone book that came out every month. All reservations had to be done over the phone and the tickets were written by hand. Since then, we've seen the advent of computers, deregulation, all-inclusive vacations, and affordable cruises, among many. Unfortunately, we've also seen how terrorism has affected our industry. One of the advantages of using an experienced travel agency is that we back up our service with help when you need to cancel or revise an itinerary for whatever the reason. We understand the complexities of travel and take care of even the minutest detail to make your vacation memorable.

Throughout the years we've received many accolades from our travel partners. We've also serviced several generations of the same families as the children have grown and now have their own families. Nothing makes us happier than to receive a call upon your return to tell us how much you enjoyed your vacation. We hope you will take the time to try us out and become one of our many satisfied customers.


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