Travel Tyme first opened its doors in West St. Louis County nearly 40 years ago.  Our President, John Lang, tells of writing airline tickets by hand in those days.  He and his team have seen many changes in the travel industry throughout the years.  Travel Tyme has kept pace with every aspect of technology.  One thing has not changed and is a fundamental objective of our operation – to provide complete and satisfying service to our customers.

Prior to establishing his travel company, John lived abroad for several years.  Using that experience has been a major asset in advising our clients as they finalize their travel plans.  Our team has also traveled to many destinations.  You can rely on their experience.  Day to day they research many destinations.  Our knowledgeable team can assist their clients in determining a vacation that best fits their needs.  Instead of being overwhelmed by searching the internet, does it not make sense to consult with our team?

Travel is more than just sight-seeing.  It expands our world-view and enriches our lives.  Allow us to be of service and plan a journey for you that will bring memories of a lifetime.

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