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1.) Do I really need a travel agent? Can't I just do this myself?

Yes you can! Especially with today's technology; but before you dash off to book online, you'll want to consider the following:

THE VALUE OF YOUR TIME: You're busy. Life is DEMANDING. Do you really want to spend your precious free time making dozens of phone calls and investing HOURS on the Internet? Here's how we'll help.

THE VALUE OF YOUR MONEY: Airfare and hotel bookings grow more complex everyday. Did you know certain restrictions and prices change HOURLY? Jodi didn't. It cost her a significant sum. Learn from Jodi's mistake. Here's the rest of the story.

HANDLING THE HARD PART: Restrictions, penalties and fine print - yuck! Are you sure you want the burden of sifting through this tedious job? Let your vacation begin now. We'll do the hard part.

CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: Our daily operations rely on the latest technology. Our global network and resources are yours! Thanks to constant innovations and upgrades we can offer the most accurate, cost effective and efficient travel services. Learn More.

PERSONAL TOUCH: We work for you! We enjoy our clients and take pride in building strong relationships. While technology is necessary, behind all the bytes and bits, analog and digital, Java and html, you'll find your trusted travel agent dedicated to serving you!
You have our personal pledge.

2.) What can I carry on the plane today?

The standard for most airlines is one carry on not to exceed 10 x 16 x 24 inches nor weigh more than 40 lbs., And, one personal bag such as a purse, or briefcase, or camera, or diaper bag, or laptop. Nail clippers are permitted but no matches or lighters. To determine if your bag meets requirements and to find out other security tips call your Travel Tyme agent or select US Travel Security on our Resources page.

3.) I've never traveled with children before. One is a nursing infant. What do I need to know?

First, we'll need to know more about your plans. What is your destination? Do you want to travel by air, car or train? How many children are going and what are their ages? Travel Tyme can help make this a fun and memorable trip! Please give us a call. We have your answers. In the meantime you may want to check out US Travel Security located on our Resources page.

4.) My friends and I like to travel together. How many people do we need to qualify for group tours and rates?

Customized Group tours are one of our specialties! We are experts in this area. Travel Tyme will coordinate every detail for any size group - large or small! Give us a call to discuss the possibilities. Your dedicated travel agent will put together a personal package designed specifically for you and your group. In the meantime check out Group Travel on our website.

5.) Will I need a Passport?

Since January of 2007 passports are now required for travel even to Canada or Mexico. Many other destinations also require them. To learn more, call your Travel Tyme agent or visit Resources and select US Passports.

6.) Will I need vaccinations or shots?

Traveling to Canada, Mexico and most of Europe, the answer is no. Other destinations do require vaccinations. For current regulations please call your Travel Tyme agent.

7.) I'm traveling with a person who is confined to a wheelchair. Can you help with the logistics?

Most certainly! The details are many so please give us a call. Travel Tyme will make sure you and your companion have a smooth and pleasurable experience. You may also want to visit our Resources page and select US Travel Security.

8.) How old do you have to be to rent a car and will I need insurance?

You need to be at least 25 years old. Some exceptions may apply. Certain insurance is required, while other insurance is optional but strongly recommended. Your dedicated Travel Tyme agent will help you through this process. Give us a call.

9.) All jokes aside, is the water safe to drink?

In Europe the answer is generally yes. Other destinations are questionable and some are a definitive NO. This can be a serious issue - no kidding! So please call your Travel Tyme Agent before you take a sip.

10.) What is "Customs" and how does it affect me?

Customs is a physical location usually within an airport. It is designed to control the quality and quantity of foreign products entering the United States. If you travel abroad you will be regulated as to what you can bring back and how much. Some restrictions are light, while others are more severe. You must go through customs before boarding your plane/boat. Be prepared for show and tell. If you would like more information and tips, go to US Customs on our Resources page, or call Your Travel Tyme agent. We've been through this many times ourselves and are happy to help.

11.) Can I use my cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, laptop on the plane?

Yes, the laptop will count as a personal item. (See question # 7). All electronic devices need to be turned off and secured before take off and landing. For a list of what you may carry on and check, see US Travel Security located on our Resources page, or give Travel Tyme a call.

12.) Should I lock my luggage and will it be screened?

More than likely, your luggage will be screened. To ensure efficient travel, you may want to leave your suitcase unlocked with your shoes packed on top - especially boots or thick-soled shoes/tennis shoes. If you feel more comfortable locking your baggage, be sure to use a Universal Lock. This will speed things along and prevent your lock from being cut off and thrown away. For more information on the Universal Lock, go to US Travel Security on our Resources page, or contact your travel Tyme agent. We have all your answers.

Some other questions we receive involve:

currency exchange, duty (tax) free shopping, time changes, how to pack, what to wear, travel warnings, how soon to arrive before a flight, general weather/season questions, and cultural expectations. These details are just a few to consider when planning a trip - and we want to help! All questions are eagerly welcomed. Think you have a tough one? Give us a call! We're ready to work for you!

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