Here at Colorado Cattle Company, we don't just recreate cowboy life, we live it! Saddle up and ride with us for the cowboy adventure of a lifetime. Our string of extremely well trained and well-mannered quarter horses are available for you to ride over varying terrain at all speeds doing real cowboy work; no 'head to tail' trail riding here. During our Cowboy Adventure weeks you can ride the range all day then grab a cold one, relax and swap wild west stories with the other cowboys. Fulfill your cowboy fantasy and experience ranch life much like in the western movies you enjoy.

Our cattle ranch covers thousands and thousands of deeded acres of prime ranch land where we care for 800 head of cattle every summer. The ranch owns about 70-75 well-bred and highly trained quarter type horses, most registered in the AQHA or APHA. Each horse is selected for good bloodlines, great training and sensible attitude. They are trained to rope on, work cattle on and carry guests through our daily ranch routine. Some are quiet for beginners, others are more highly strung for experienced guests and everyone is trained to be responsive, neck rein and work cattle.

At Colorado Cattle Company you get the best of both worlds; transform into a cowboy for the week as you assist us gathering cattle off the range, doctoring sicks, cattle drives, branding calves, checking water, salt and fences - around 50 hours of horseback riding each week! Then enjoy all the creature comforts you like when on vacation such as a weekly massage, heated indoor swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, stocked bar, great ranch type food and immaculately clean log cabin accommodations with private bathrooms and entrances.

We are not a typical dude ranch or guest ranch resort, but are a real working cattle ranch in full operation. Expect the unexpected here, a sudden storm may have us all out gathering cattle or dry weather may make a cattle drive necessary. If you want to experience a real western cattle ranch, ride fabulous horses yet get the creature comforts you are used to; our ranch is the place for you.  303.504.0404

Typical Week: Sunday to Saturday (Six Nights)


Welcome dinner followed by brief orientation of the house including pool, gift shop, coffee bar, laundry service, beer/wine and general times for daily activities. Then meet with Darcy and the wranglers to begin sorting out best horses to suit rider needs and wishes. We have 81 horses of all different styles, abilities, etc.


Meet at the indoor arena at 7am and gather horses. Guests also get paired with saddles and are shown how to saddle and brush their horse. After saddling, all come down to main house and have breakfast. After breakfast, return to indoor arena for orientation and riding lessons. Return to main house for lunch around 1 pm and then back to horses at 2:30pm. Those who want to take lessons this afternoon can, and all others go out to check cattle in one of the forward pastures. All return around 5pm and can relax, have beverages, go to the hot tub, pool, etc., until dinner at 6:30P. After dinner is a campfire, weather permitting.


Meet at 7 am to gather horses. Breakfast at 8:30 and then onto horseback by 9:30. All ride out to one of the pastures on the 10,000 acres and either check cattle or move them to another pasture via a cattle drive. Return to house for lunch around 1pm, then it is cowboy work (such as fixing that fence) until around 4 pm, which is then cowboy school until about 5:30P. Social hour available until dinner at 6:30P. Campfire after, weather permitting.


This is the long ride day, with about an 18 mile ride, and lunch brought out to you. After returning to the ranch around 3 pm, you may choose to go shooting with shotguns and clays and handguns and targets. Dinner is at 6:30P. Campfire after.


Cattle work in the morning and then culmination of cowboy school activities, which is roping, cattle sorting, penning, etc. with all the skills developed during the week. Dinner and campfire


Everyone is a bit tired and sore now, so light ride in the am, followed by lunch at the house, and our beautiful canyon ride in the afternoon. Steak dinner night followed by a farewell ceremony, good byes and one more evening campfire.


Departure breakfast

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